This is an excellent video created by which  makes a lot of excellent suggestions of how to protect yourself from getting scammed by a locksmith.  You especially have to be careful when you are in a lockout or other emergency situation.  This is when people get scammed the most.

Here are some of my own tips to keep you and your money safe:

It is very important to inquire about how much the complete charge will be over the phone. Legitimate locksmiths should be able to supply you with very precise prices over the phone since the locksmith trade is standard and that prices do not usually vary.  Also, a lot of times locksmiths will quote you a low price and when the bill comes there are all sorts of fees added on after.  So, make sure that the price they give you includes everything.

Always check the locksmith’s online reviews.  While this is not a 100% fail safe, it is a good place to start.

Ask if they are licensed with the State of Connecticut.  If they are unable to provide you their license number, do not use them.  Their license number should start with a LCK and be followed by seven numbers.  If this is not the format of the license number provided, it is best you look further.

Make sure their website has physical address located somewhere on the page.  If not, they are likely not a reputable company.

Lastly, if you are in our service area, your safest and most affordable choice is to give All United Locksmith a call at (203) 901-0011.