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Recently, I went online, and found a YouTube video that showed that you can unlock your car doors using a tennis ball with a hole in it. On the video, the girl burns a small hole in the tennis ball. She locks her automatic door lock and used the tennis ball to unlock the door by pressing the ball up against the lock and squeezing the ball. According to the video, the air pressure from the tennis ball will automatically unlock the door.

The ‘Unlock a Car Door With a Tennis Ball’ Video:

Now, to many of us, we know this could not, would not work. However, the video has nearly 14 millions views – many of whom feel as as though this may be possible. The story gained so much traction that Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters did a segment on this to put it to the test. Not surprisingly, this doesn’t work – myth busted. Check out the video here. They even tried using 100psi to pump through the lock and it still stayed locked.

The bottom line is if you’ve locked your keys in your car don’t resort to a ‘YouTube Video Trick’ or some myth that sounds too good to be true – there is a good chance you’ll end up doing more harm than good or simply waiting a lot longer to get your doors unlocked than hiring a professional. If you find yourself stuck out in the cold don’t resort to such tactics, call All United Locksmith today!

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