Home Security Mistakes You Should Know

grey entry door with keys in the lock

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Keeping your home protected from thieves and strangers is important. One of the most basic securities is a door lock. Today there are many more sophisticated technologies to keep your home safe. From connected alarm systems to security cameras. There are things homeowners do that could still leave them vulnerable to break-ins and theft. 

Here are a few security mistakes you should know about. 

Not Using Secure Locks

Standard interior door knobs with a lock and key are okay for some rooms you want to keep locked, but they are not secure enough to use on your front entry door. These should have a higher security lock made of high-quality materials that are hard to break into. Look for locks that use a reinforced deadbolt and strike plate or keyless entry systems if you want to feel protected.

Leaving a Key Outside

If you have someone you trust to hold a copy of your home keys – this can give you peace of mind if you’re traveling or ever locked out. One thing many people still do that is certainly not safe is leaving a key outside somewhere – maybe under a doormat or instead of a plastic realistic-looking rock. Thieves are already aware of this and these are some of the first places they’re going to look. You may not even know someone has illegally entered your home if they are coming in with the keys!

Improper Use of Lighting

Security lighting outside the home – from a light post to floodlights – can help light up some dark spots in the yard at night and detract criminals but if you’re not careful, they can also help them to gain entry undetected. The issue is that bright light shining in just the right spot can create a perfect blind spot for the intruder to hide in as they make their way through your property.

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