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When the snowy winter strikes, car owners have to bear the blunt. From the increased possibility of vehicle damage due to corrosion and rusting as they drive on the dangerous salty snow roads, to the freezing of the door locks.

The moment car locks get frozen; you cannot turn the keys. Worse still, it might accumulate inside the lock to an extent it’s impossible to insert them. Fortunately, you can save yourself the agony and prevent your locks from freezing. Here’s how to do it;

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Arm Yourself with a Lock Lubricant

Even before it freezes, consider purchasing a lock lubricant. Next, make sure that you spray all the doors locks including the trunk lock.

The lubes function by displacing the already existing moisture and prevents any additional moisture from entering, collecting and freezing inside the keyhole. WD-40 is an excellent example of lube you can apply but can only be applied sparingly if the winter season is long. That’s because it’ll degrade your lock tumblers over time.

Hilco Lubricant is an excellent alternative to WD-40 designed to displace moisture in mechanical equipment. You can apply it as often as possible without worrying about degrading your lock tumblers.

Grab a Magnet

It can be annoying and frustrating to find that your door lock won’t open and you’re ready to leave. Another simple way to prevent your lock from getting frozen is to get a magnet. Then place it over the car lock overnight. It will attach to the metal part of the lock preventing moisture entering and freezing.

Vaseline Can Help

Even if you have no lock lubricant, you can still improvise. The chances are that you already have Vaseline at home. Open it and dip the car key inside, then insert the key into the car keyhole and turn it a couple of times. Repeat it severally to ensure the Vaseline is adequately distributed onto the lock parts. Do that at least once a week during the winter season, and you’ll never complain about locking yourself outside your own car.

Additionally, for the frozen locks, petroleum jelly and Vaseline are good for melting the ice. Dip your key into the jelly or Vaseline, insert it into the car keyhole and wiggle. It might work after a couple of attempts. So be patient.

Give Graphite a Try

WD-40 has got an odor that not everyone can tolerate. If that’s you, then you can apply graphite on your car locks. Graphite works best when there’s little moisture in the air, and it’ll keep your locks from freezing.

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Keep the Car in a Garage Overnight

If you know freezing conditions are on the way, the best way to keep your car from freezing over is to store it in a secure garage. If your garage is too full, clear some room and park your car there for the night. If you don’t have access to a garage of your own, you may want to look into options nearby.

Garage next to a home

How to Deal with Frozen Car Locks

If your locks have already frozen over, these prevention methods aren’t going to do you any good. In this situation, you’re already locked out of your car and will need to find a way in. To do this, you’ll need a method to help you deal with your frozen locks. 

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Use De-Icer

The most effective way to deal with frozen car locks is to use de-icer. This product is specifically designed for ice, so you know it will work. 

To work with de-icer, simply spray a little into the lock itself. Then, try the key. If it works, you’re good to go; if it doesn’t, spray a little more de-icer. Before too long, the lock should be free. 

The ease and effectiveness of de-icer make it versatile and wonderfully helpful. You can use it on your car’s headlights, windows, and mirrors. You can even use it around your home to deal with a lock that has iced over. Because of this, you may want to consider keeping some de-icer on hand for emergencies. A bottle of this solution doesn’t cost much and can simply sit there until you need it. 

Use Hand Sanitizer

If you don’t have de-icer, you may have another product with similar properties. Hand sanitizer can be an effective tool in melting ice. 

This works because hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol, and alcohol has a lower freezing point than water. In this way, it functions in a similar way to salt on an icy road. 

To work with this method, simply take a little hand sanitizer and put it on the lock and your key. Then, work the key into the lock a few times. The ice should clear up in no time. 

Car covered in snow on the road

Use Hot Water

Hot water may have been the first thing you thought of when you noticed an iced-over lock. You’re in luck because hot water is an effective solution. Just pour a little hot water over the lock and work your key in immediately. As long as you’re fast enough, the lock should open. 

However, time is a key detail when using this method. If the weather is cold enough, this hot water won’t stay hot for very long. If you don’t work quickly, the water will turn to ice and make a bad situation even worse. This is possible because only a thin layer of water is on the car, and a thin layer of water freezes much faster. Because of this, it is better to try one of the other methods first. Only resort to using hot water if you are out of options or if the temperature is no longer below freezing. 

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