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You just stepped out to get the paper and the wind blew the door shut behind you. Now you’re trapped outside on a cold, breezy day in just your robe. What’s the fastest way to get back in? Unless you have a spare key stored with the neighbors, you may be tempted to break back into your own home. What’s the worst that can happen?

Home Entry Hazards

Home Security

It’s all too easy to trigger your own alarm system. After all, they’re designed to prevent exactly what you’re doing: breaking in. Even if you get inside and disable it, you may still have to delay your morning and talk to the security company.

The Police

Even if you’ve lived in your neighborhood for years, your overzealous security-conscious neighbors may end up calling the police reporting suspicious activity. You also run the risk of a random stranger walking by and catching you ‘in the act.’ Either way, you risk an awkward conversation with law enforcement.

Damaged Property

You may be tempted to force a window open, break a panel in your back door, or find a way in through the basement. However you do it, you run the risk of property damage. The costs of repairing or replacing what’s broken can easily outstrip the fee of hiring a locksmith.

Getting Hurt

Broken glass, splintered door frames, or acrobatic drops from an awkward height. All of these may be involved as you try to break into your own home. You run the risk of derailing your whole day with a visit to the emergency room.

Waste Your Time

It can be time consuming to find your way into your home and set it back to rights. Calling a locally based professional locksmithing service may be a lot faster in the long run. Also, let’s not forget the biggest timewaster of all: failing to get in. A well-constructed and secured home, designed to challenge even hardened burglars, may be beyond your abilities to break into.

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