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Coming out of New Haven, Connecticut is Sargent’s 11 Line Lock. It is now the strongest bored lock available on the market. It’s no surprise because Sargent has continuously helped residential and commercial locksmiths with its commitment to creating innovative and secure products. Their Line Grade bored lock is designed to keep commercial facilities very secure, like hospitals, schools, and offices. The locks patented T-Zone construction consists of true interlocking between the latch and lock body, this means unparalleled durability and strength. The 11 Line can withstand over 3000 in/lbs on a locked lever, that’s 3.5 times the ANSI/BMHA torque force Grade 1.

“A hospital or healthcare facility is no place to compromise on physical security. We designed the 11 Line to address environments where locks are subject to severe abuse around the clock. The interlocking design and robust construction provide the durability and reliability these facilities require.” Said Leslie Saunders, VP of Product Development at Assa Abloy Architectural Hardware Group.

Sargent’s Line 11 is designed with great flexibility in mind; it has 18 functions that can all be accommodated by swapping only two of its components. This is a locksmith’s dream come true. Resulting in lower inventory costs and ease of maintenance, no more carrying around hundreds of parts for a few locks. They have made cylinder removal very simple for quick swaps and it’s compatible with most popular key systems.

The Line 11 comes in ten hardware finishes and several lever designs to satisfy every aesthetic requirement in the commercial setting. Not to mention Sargent puts a 10-year warranty on it.

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