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The GT-400, InfoTronics Provides State-of-the-Art Time Capture, Biometric Time and Attendance Data Collection and Workforce Management.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies announced today that InfoTronics (Farmington Hills, Mich.), a longterm partner, is now producing the new Schlage GT-400 HandPunch readers in addition to the company’s other HandPunch models. InfoTronics HandPunch is a time and attendance system that improves attendance, employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting for small businesses and enterprise companies, whether you have ten or ten thousand employees. It works with popular payroll and human resources software packages.  InfoTronics resellers and end users can provide increased convenient, accurate workforce management solutions with the Schlage GT-400 HandPunch reader.

Jennifer Toscano, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies biometrics marketing manager explains “Instead of filling out or punching timecards, InfoTronics users will simply place their hands on the HandPunch, which automatically takes a three-dimensional reading of the size and shape of the hand and verifies the user’s identity in less than one second.”  She went into more detail “By adding the GT-400, our long-time partner’s customers can use the eight programmable soft function keys surrounding the display to create validation tables, multi-level promptings, decision menus and punch reviews that meet their specific requirements. There is also a built-in relay for ringing a bell or locking a door.”

“Customers will appreciate the smaller, improved Schlage GT-400 HandPunch terminal,” said Beth Baerman, InfoTronics product manager. “This terminal is the first of the HandPunch line to run the InfoTronics proprietary time clock application. It also provides customers with the best of both worlds – the biometric reliability Schlage is known for and our proven, advanced time clock functionality.”

As a business owner and commercial locksmith in Stamford, CT, this product shows great value. No employee can forge their time card. No employee can stamp another time card. No messing around. And it will work with the majority of the human resource software that businesses are already using.

You can read the entire article at Ingersoll Rand’s website.

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