Door Closer Installation and Replacement Locksmith in CT

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Door Closer Installation and Replacement Locksmith in CT

Today, door closers have become a common feature in commercial buildings. Although they often go unnoticed, these mechanical devices serve an important purpose. A door closer is designed and made to close a door after it has been opened, either manually or automatically. The device closes the door slowly but firmly enough to ensure that it latches easily and safely. This is why it is important to ensure that your door closer is professionally installed as well as regularly maintained to keep it working properly.

Door closer installation and adjustments

All United Locksmith specializes in the installation, adjustment, repair and replacement of door closers in Connecticut. We have the expertise and experience required to provide these services for all types of doors and frames. Whether you have sliding doors, screen doors, pocket doors, heavy duty doors or are looking for these services for your interior and exterior doors, our door closer specialists will have the right security solution to meet your needs. This will also be done in compliance with the relevant fire codes and industry standards.

Reasons to have a door closer

Besides making it easy to open and close your doors safely, door closers also help you to keep any unwanted persons out. When you have the devices professionally installed, you will be in a better position to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. You will also boost the efficiency of your doors and keep warm or cold air from escaping.

Door closer types

There are different types of door closers available in the market. All United Locksmith specializes in installation and replacement of both concealed door closers as well as those mounted to the surface. Our services are designed to ensure that the device will work properly to help avoid doorframe damage, misalignments and abnormal movements of the door.

Benefits of professional installation and replacement

Working with a door closer specialist has many benefits. Professional installation and replacement will go a long way in helping to minimize risk in case of a fire. You will also realize greater energy efficiency and enjoy increased security and strength of your doors. Professionals will also provide superior customer service and ensure you enjoy peace of mind when it comes to liability.

Expert advice

Experts at All United Locksmith will offer the advice and guidance you need to take care of your door closers and enhance safety in your facility.

Over the years that we have been operational, All United Locksmith has earned a reputation of being a reliable and professional company. Having operated for over a decade in this industry, we have not only the necessary equipment but also state-of-the-art equipment. These allow us to serve our customers across Connecticut better, offering a warranty on any work that we do. Talk to us today to find out how we can help keep you safe.

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