The Future of Home Security Monitoring

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Your home is your castle (or it should be). It’s the place where you and your family feel as safe as possible. But have you done everything you can, within reason, to ensure that you’re safe in your home? 

While you no doubt have locks on your doors and windows, and outdoor lighting, many of the best ways to keep your home secure today involve digital technology. You may already be using some smart security products. These technologies continue to improve, allowing you to secure your home literally from the palm of your hand with a smartphone. Increasingly, these technologies are becoming sharper, more integrated, and more customizable. 

Some of these technologies include:

Universal home automation. You can do more with home-based AI technologies like Alexa and Siri than add items to the grocery list or ask trivia questions. Increasingly, you can monitor your home. Recently, Apple, Amazon, and Google have made the decision to collaborate to bring voice commands into the home security and automation space.  By integrating, these technology giants aim to create a universal home automation system that will link to any smart speaker and provide you with full control across multiple environments, regardless of which operating system you use. Thanks to this collaboration, you can expect the security of your home to be more streamlined in the near future.

Remote video monitoring. Remote video monitoring technology is already widely used in trucking and industrial yards, automotive lots, construction sites, warehouse facilities, and other large commercial properties. Remote monitoring, which by far surpasses traditional passive surveillance systems in efficacy, is also available for home monitoring. These solutions are usually linked to a mobile app. Increasingly, they’re also connected to emergency services, so users will be able to summon help through the app without the need to call 911. 

Protection from the air. If you have a large property, you may be finding the limits of some home-based security systems. Luckily, drone technology has become less expensive and more pervasive in recent years. Security drones can make it easier to monitor the perimeter of a property, spot intruders and respond to alarm triggers. Once the footage is captured, the data can be uploaded to the cloud and stored there, making it difficult to tamper with. 

Artificial intelligence. If your home security system kicks off a few too many false alarms, look for an improvement in automatic prioritization of alerts in the future thanks to artificial intelligence. AI can help whittle down the probably false alarms to prioritize alerts that are more likely to be real. In addition, technology such as facial recognition, for instance, can be integrated to help determine who should and who shouldn’t be on your property. 

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