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In a commercial office building there are many doors and employees, and one owner who needs access everywhere. If each employee has their own locking office, prior to the days of master key systems, the manager or owner would need a duplicate key for every door in the building. That’s going to be one big key ring, just like the ones you’d see in classic movies.

With a master key system the locks in the building are keyed to each be opened with their individual key, however they will all also open with a master key. A talented commercial locksmith can key every lock to open with a master key, yet each lock will open for it’s different individual key.

Aside from creating individual keys and master keys, group keys can be made as well. For example, let’s say your office building has two floors. Each floor has eight locks keyed differently. You can have a submaster key made that can open all eight locks on the first floor, but will not work on the second floor. The master key can still open every door in the building, yet you can create a submaster key for each floor and still have each lock individually set.

A commercial locksmith can help your business plan out the proper way to install a master/submaster/grandmaster key system. A master key system can make running and managing your business much easier and efficient. However, it can also make your business  vulnerable. A master key, if lost, stolen, or lent to the wrong hands can greatly jeopardize your business, as they will have access everywhere. Keeping constant control of the keys and knowing anyone with access to them helps.

Organization is key for key control. Keeping track in a notepad or software system can be very effective if something goes wrong. You’ll know which key has gone missing, what doors it opens, and how to eliminate the problem. You should also have a policy in place coving key issuing and returns, deposits, and procedures for missing keys/rekeying.

For more information on master key systems or a free quote, please call All United Locksmith at (203) 901-0011.

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