Where You Shouldn’t Hide Your Valuables

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When burglars enter a house, they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. They head straight for obvious places where people tend to hide their valuables. If you keep jewelry, money, and other pricey belongings in any of these locations, they can be easy targets if a thief breaks into your home.

Wrong Places to Hide Valuables

Burglars go through drawers, whether they’re in dressers or desks. If you have money or jewelry hidden in a drawer, a thief can simply dump out its contents and find your valuables in a matter of seconds.

Under the bed is another common hiding spot that burglars automatically check. If you keep valuables there, it’s likely that a thief will find them. Don’t think you’ll fool a burglar by hiding money under your mattress, either. Thieves know to look there. 

Homeowners sometimes think their valuables will be safe inside a vase, but that’s not as clever as people think. Burglars know that vases are common hiding places. If thieves break into your house, they can smash vases and quickly find your pricey belongings.

Better Ways to Protect Your Possessions from Burglars

A safe can be a wise investment. It can take a long time for a thief to figure out how to open it, and a safe can be too heavy for one or more burglars to carry away. A safe that’s hidden inside a wall or under the floor is a particularly good option. 

You can put valuables in other locations that aren’t obvious and that will be hard to find. For example, you can hide money inside a book or another object that’s been hollowed out or inside a container of food. Someone is unlikely to find that sort of hiding spot. Burglars want to get in and out as fast as possible, and they’re going to look in obvious places first.

Upgrade Your Home Security

Of course, the most important thing is to keep burglars from getting into your Connecticut home in the first place. All United Locksmith can install high-security locks or a keyless entry system that works with an access card or code. We can also repair a damaged lock and change or rekey your locks if a member of your family loses a key. Contact us today to discuss these and other ways to keep your house and valuables secure and to get an estimate.  

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