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When searching for a locksmith in Connecticut, it’s easy to break them down into two categories: licensed and unlicensed. Choosing a licensed locksmith is always the best choice because you know that you are getting professional service with legitimate workers that understand all types of locks. Having a locksmith license isn’t just about showcasing a piece of paper. There is a lot of experience and training that goes behind the locksmith license and how it is earned.

Background Checks & Safety

One of the main components of becoming a licensed locksmith is the background check that we must undergo to receive our license. This includes a thorough criminal history check, finger printing, and proper identification. If you choose an unlicensed locksmith, you do not have the comfort of knowing that the workers have a clean criminal history and are approved to work in the industry. Our trustworthiness goes a long way in providing each customer with a safe and comforting experience when dealing with locks and security.

Experience & Training

A licensed locksmith has the experience and training to properly handle all types of lock situation. Lockouts, key changes, and key copies are all made in accordance with federal and state law regulations. There are no bending rules or taking shortcuts that can impact your safety just to gain a profit. This is especially helpful during emergency situations. We have the proper training to give you advice and help through lock emergencies. A licensed locksmith is ready to serve you 24 hours a day. When you’re stuck in the middle of the night, you can find a lot more comfort with a registered and licensed locksmith rather than an unlicensed business looking to make quick cash without the experience that goes with it.

Types of Locks

A licensed locksmith has experience dealing with all types of locks while an unlicensed locksmith may not use proper methods for different situations. For residential Connecticut homes, we can install and repair common house locks, master key systems, and more advanced smart locks. Commercial businesses in Connecticut can use our services to help set up locks, safes, and entry points for employees. A licensed locksmith has a broad experience in each of these areas and we can provide you with our knowledge and advice along with the services to go with it.

The automobile services include car lockout emergencies along with broken keys or VAT key replacements. We serve Connecticut areas during any time of the year including weekends and holidays.
Contact us to find out more about our services and experiences as a licensed locksmith in the state of Connecticut.

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