3 Tools a Locksmith Should Always Have

Locksmith Lock Door Repair. Worker Changing And Cylinder

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Having a good locksmith on speed dial is important. Whether you own a business or a home or have a car. There may come a time when you’ll need someone to rescue you during a lockout or just come add security by installing all new locks. Whatever the reason you need to call a local locksmith to come out, it’s important to know that when they arrive they have the skill and qualifications required to get the job done.

Whoever you work with, be sure you’re choosing a qualified professional. You can easily spot key tools an experienced locksmith should have with them. Here are 3 that are a must!

  1. Drilling Machine

    In situations when the only way to get into a broken lock is to drill it out, these tools come in handy on the job. Using a drilling process it’s possible to unlock a lock because the drill is going through the lock cylinder and removing all of the pins keeping it locked.
  2. Key Extractor

    These tools are used to remove broken keys or key parts from locks when this is the culprit of your issue. They come in different shapes and sizes and can even be a common bench tool like a blade or tweezer or as sophisticated as a tension tool used to help free the lodged key from the hole. The goal with using a key extractor tool is to move parts away from lock pins so they can be extracted.
  3. Lock Pick Gun

    For use by professionals, this tool using force to shift the lock pins. Both manual and electric options are available that utilize kinetic energy and skills of the user to level the lock pins to the shear line. When used accordingly this helps get your lock issue resolved quickly and efficiently.

All United Locksmith offers dependable, expert locksmith services across Connecticut. We take pride in the ability to solve your lock issues – no matter how large or small. We will come to assess the situation and let you know our recommended best course of action to get your issue resolved.

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Locksmith Lock Door Repair. Worker Changing And Cylinder
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