3 Facts about the Mortise Lock

Mortise lock

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The mortise lock is a traditional design that’s known to be long-lasting. Older buildings that were outfitted with mortise locks at the time of construction often still use the original locks decades later. Here are some other important things that you should know if you own a building with mortise locks or you’re thinking about installing them.

Mortise Locks Are Durable

The way that mortise locks are designed and built helps them stand up to frequent use. Components in mortise locks are constructed with metal and other durable materials, and they are larger and heavier than the parts used in other common types of locks. That’s why mortise locks are popular in commercial buildings where people open and close doors frequently and why older buildings often still have their original mortise locks.

Mortise Locks Are Relatively Easy to Repair

If an internal mechanism in a mortise lock breaks down or wears out, it isn’t always necessary to replace the entire lock. A locksmith can service or replace individual components as needed.

If an old building has a mortise lock that doesn’t work properly, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be replaced. Often, old locks get covered with rust, which keeps them from functioning as they should. Once the rust has been removed, old mortise locks may be able to work well again and may last for several more years.

Mortise Locks Can Be a Good Investment

If you want to improve security at your home or business, installing new mortise locks may be the best solution. They are durable and can stand up to repeated use better than some other types of locks can, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. That can make mortise locks a good choice if you plan to own your property for a long time.

Have Mortise Locks Installed or Repaired by Professionals

If you’re concerned about security at your Connecticut home or business, contact All United Locksmith. We can inspect your existing locks and tell you if they can be repaired or if they should be replaced. If your building has old mortise locks that aren’t functioning as they should, we may be able to remove rust and get them working again.  If your building has locks of a different type that are damaged, we can replace them with long-lasting mortise locks. We can also assist you if you get locked out of your home or business. Contact All United Locksmith for help with all of your security needs.

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