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Choose All United for Panic Bar Installation in CT

A lot of public buildings including schools, hospitals, and restaurants have panic bars on their exit doors. This panic bar is a horizontally placed bar over the door that quickly opens when pressed so people can exit the building in the case of an emergency. A panic bar has been called other names like panic hardware, crash bars, exit devices and push bars but all the names refer to the same thing. If you own a commercial building or establishment, you should know that regulations require an easy way out of the building in case of an emergency. You might want to get one for your establishment, and you can choose All United for panic bar installation in CT. Another use for panic bars is the electronic and security features it possesses. If a panic door is opened, it can alert security or management and stop someone from leaving the building without paying for services.

How to choose the right panic bar

There are different kinds of panic bars. Some are positioned on the door with aluminum, wooden or sometimes metal frames. A door that is fire-rated should equally have a fire-rated panic bar installed to it. A lot of exterior doors are designed fire-rated while interior doors are usually not.

For every business, there is a panic bar to match. They come in different styles and prices so they can be picked according to the needs of the company. You can choose All United for panic bar installation in CT and have professional advice on the kind of panic bar to use for your building or establishment. The maximum occupancy, layout, and number of stories of your commercial building will go a long way in determining the type of panic bar to use.

Why you should have a panic bar professionally installed

Anyone can buy a panic bar; it isn’t only sold to professionals. You can also embark on a Do-It-Yourself project to get them installed once you have them but that is not advisable. At All United Locksmith, we highly discourage any attempt to install panic bars by yourself because of the things that could go wrong. Getting it wrong puts lives at risk, and you don’t want to do that even if it lowers costs for you.

If you install a panic bar wrongly, getting out of a building during a fire emergency or any other kind of emergency might become impossible. This means people would be trapped in a potential life threatening situation that can be very dangerous. Instead of taking on the risks, choose All United for panic bar installation in CT. This will ensure that your panic bars work correctly when they are needed in an emergency situation.

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