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Why You need Biometric Locks and Fingerprint Locks for your CT Business

Security is serious business. If you have a business where you really need to make sure that only authorized people are allowed to enter, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make that happen. Ultimately, you are responsible for protecting your business and everything coming in or going out.

There are many areas your business may be vulnerable, but using biometric locks is an easy way to make your environment secure.

What are Biometric Locks?

Biometric locks can use fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, voice recognition and retinal or iris recognition. They may use a thermal or optical scanner to read and memorize your physical characteristics, so that only you and the people you authorize are able to gain access.

Because the security system will only know you and those you authorize, you can have greater control over your property. The biometric information can be accompanied with an access code, for extra security.

Advantages to Biometric Locks

You will no longer need to worry about keys once you have a biometric lock system. No more will there be a danger of losing keys, or having the keys ending up in the wrong hands.

Compared to when they were new, the prices of biometric locks has gone down significantly. Even though you can’t put too high a price on security, biometric locks are now reasonably priced. What seemed out of reach just a few years ago is now a reasonable method for many businesses to upgrade their security.

Disadvantages of other methods

Keys comes with obvious disadvantages. When you don’t need to keep track of keys coming or going, you gain convenience and  quick entry. You don’t need to keep grab your keys on your way out.

Many businesses upgrade security by having a system with card entry or a pin. Again, anyone who gets the card can use it, and a pin might be easy to hack. People may even deliberately give out the pin, and you will have to change it every time an employee leaves for good.

Call Today to find out your Options

There is no reason to leave the safety of your business up to chance. Now that there are better methods of protecting your assets, you should take advantage of them.

You can experience peace of mind knowing that you have made your business as secure as possible. Call today for a free evaluation of your security needs.

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