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The need for a locksmith is often unplanned. Perhaps you’ve locked yourself out of your home or vehicle or need the locks changed at a residence or business in a hurry (after a break-in, for example). Under these circumstances, it can be tempting to run with the first locksmith who picks up the phone. But reliability is critical when choosing a locksmith, so it’s important not to take a chance on who you trust. 

The following are several considerations for choosing a residential locksmith. 

Availability. Since losing keys, getting locked out, or needing an urgent change to locks isn’t guaranteed to happen Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, be sure any locksmith service you choose has expanded hours and can respond to emergencies at any time. Some commercial, residential, automotive, and emergency locksmiths will offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Experience. Locks are important to the security of your residence or your business. They’re also complicated and becoming more so as technology advances. When you need a locksmith, you’ll want one who understands locks, knows how to open them and replace them as needed, or repair them. In this case, you want a locksmith partner with deep experience and extensive skills. Look for a locksmith company that includes highly experienced staff who are fully trained and prepared to solve your unique lock problem.  

Variety of services. A good locksmith should offer not only residential services – someone to call in the event you are locked out or need to change the locks – but also vehicle services in the event you’re locked out of your car, and commercial services should you have a need to install, replace, repair, or re-key the locks on your business premises. For commercial purposes – including apartment buildings – there may be a need to interact with advanced lock technologies such as biometrics, access control systems, buzzer systems, and high-security locks. Ensure you choose a locksmith partner with the right tools and experience to interact with these technologies. 

The firm’s reputation. A locksmith’s reputation will help you understand if you’re choosing a trustworthy partner. For starters, the company’s technicians should be bonded and insured. Secondly, look for authenticated reviews in places like Yelp to help you choose a service that others have reported as efficient and trustworthy. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. 

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