Summer Security Tips for Your Home

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The summer season is always a fun time. Whether you enjoy taking trips with the family, spending your day out on the boat, or just swimming in the backyard, there’s so much Connecticut residents can enjoy. Coming off the heels of pandemic shutdowns and social distancing mandates also makes this year a particularly busy one for people just looking to get back to their summer routines. As you make plans for summer 2022 don’t forget that protecting your home should remain a priority.

Most thieves will consider all the times when your guard may be down and use them as a way in. It is critical as you’re excited to leave for your trip to also check that your home is protected and ready to shield from unwanted intruders. Here are a few ways to get that done.

Invest in Home Monitoring Systems

Today’s technologies are more advanced than ever and there are a variety of price points available to include a monitoring system for your home. From connected, sophisticated alarm systems to doorbell cameras, motion detectors, and more. It’s important if you want to know what’s happening outside and around your home to have these tools set up.

Get a House Sitter

Anytime you’ll be away from your home for a long period of time, you should get a house sitter. Someone you trust who can either stay in the home while you’re gone or visit to check up on things frequently over that time. If you have plants that need to be watered, pets that will need care and attention or you just need to have those packages and mail brought in – you can vacation assured nothing is awry when there’s someone there to keep an eye on things.

Use a Locksmith

There’s probably nothing that beats getting away for a vacation than knowing that all of the locks on your home have been changed and it is secure. Whenever you move to a new home or have had your doors for years there is always the chance that someone may have a copy of the key or that the lock itself can break or fail. With a locksmith you’ll have a professional to ensure you have the right equipment and that it’s working as it should.

All United Locksmith is proud to serve the Milford, Connecticut, and Stamford, Connecticut communities and all other surrounding areas with professional locksmith services you can count on. From broken doors to all new lock replacements we can help ensure your fortress is protected and that all your locks are working so you have peace of mind to enjoy your trip.

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