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Do you feel safe after installing all smart devices in your home? Smart homes are famous in various parts of the world. However, privacy and security of smart devices is a major concern for most smart homeowners. Home automation provides numerous benefits including automatic light control.

To help you increase your home automation system’s security, we have gathered a few things you can do. Continue reading to find out.

Secure Your Router

Many people don’t change their router’s default password. It allows hackers to alter their house network. After purchasing and installing the device, it’s prudent to change its password to one which a fraudster can’t guess. Avoid using birthdays or street addresses. Instead, it is recommended to insert a number and several special characters. Also, equip the router with a WPA2  authentication.

Update the Smart Home Applications

Most home automation system manufacturers provide regular updates to address various security risks associated with applying them. Ensure updates are done as soon as the firms release them to avoid creating opportunities for hackers to distort them.

Check the Surveillance Camera’s IP Logs

Ordinary security cameras record all IP addresses which have accessed their surveillance feed. If you spot any strange IP addresses in your camera’s IP logs, it’s an indication that someone has illegally accessed your feed. If there is a security breach, it’s wise to change the password and alert your home security provider.

Regularly Change Your Passwords

To enhance your system’s security, it’s essential to regularly change your automation applications, mobile phones and router’s  password. Ensure that you choose strong passwords which no one can guess quickly. However, if you aren’t good at creating secure passwords, you can use a password generator.

Change your IP Camera’s Default Port

Most default settings usually put various devices and systems at risk. Skilled hackers know that most people don’t change the settings before applying their smart home devices. If you stick to your camera’s default port, fraudsters can easily discover and exploit your device. It’s vital to change the port to increase your camera’s security.

Procure Quality Equipment

Some people buy home automation devices from infamous companies. Often, such firms rarely invest in necessary resources to offer adequate security measures hence making the devices susceptible to hacking. It’s advisable to procure products for firms that have been operating for at least five years. It allows you to scrutinize their track record.

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