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Did you know that it is possible to safely monitor your vacation home from the comfort of your main home via a security camera system?

Here is a complete list of the top tips to secure your vacation home:

Invest in a monitored security system

Securing a vacation home takes more than just installing a security camera system. While modern security systems offer homeowners an efficient means of securing their real property, a monitored security system is more reliable.

Monitored security camera systems don’t only record video footage and send it to your phone there is a professional team behind the desk at a control center ready to respond in case an intrusion is detected.

Install smart locks

While strong mechanical locks act as a reliable deterrent to burglars, smart locks provide better security and control. With a smart lock, it is possible to control the access of your home electronically via smartphone, remotely. The smart locks have electronic locks that are hard to break.

To lock and unlock the door the homeowner is required to process “eKeys,” which can be distributed when needed and revoked once the granted access time has expired.

The “eKeys” take the form of encrypted codes that can be programmed as the owner desires to permit access when needed. Smart locks offer a high-level of security that is superior to other lock solutions in which keys can be lost or stolen and used by thieves. Besides, the smart lock is risk-free since it is protected from hacking, and there is no way for an intruder to steal the hardware on which the smart keys are physically stored.

Secure the garage

The security of the garage is critical to ensuring the security of a vacation home. In case the garage is connected to the living area of the house, it offers an exploit for burglars. Investing in smart locks and cameras to secure the garage reinforces the security of your home since it will prevent intruders from authorized entry.

Install glaziers to secure doors and windows

Burglaries are as a result of unsecured entry points, especially doors and windows. Most burglars do not bother with homes with tight security such as window glaziers; they are only interested in easy targets where they can break-in fast and get away. Installing glaziers to secure your windows and doors from the ground up and installing secure locks discourages burglars. Deadbolts are also efficient in securing external doors.

By implementing security measures before you leave, your property will be secure all through. For professional help in securing your vacation home contact All United Locksmith now; serving Stamford, Greenwich, Danbury, Clinton, and Hartford.

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