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Biometric technology is becoming the wave of the future. It’s taken some years to perfect, but biometrics is now becoming prominently recognized as a means of positive identification. This is a great leap forward for security systems and locks. Many new electronic locks are taking advantage of these new technologies, such as retinal scanning, voice-print identification, and fingerprint scanning which has become the most popular.

Biometric locks are nearly impossible to open unless your fingerprint has been programmed in previously to the device, making them much more safe and secure than other locks. You can set this new technology to open with as few as one, or in a commercial instance you could give upwards of one hundred fingerprints access.

No two people have the same fingerprints, not even identical twins. The only people getting though a biometric lock are the ones given access, and short of severing fingers there’s no way to loose your keys so no one except those specified will have access.

Throughout history locks have failed many times because they require a key. The key may open the lock but it also brings many weaknesses, the largest of which is losing the key. You lose your key and you lose all security and possibly everything the lock was protecting. In a commercial setting there are many copies of keys, coming and going as new and old employees are hired and fired. Having many sets makes for difficult inventory and lower security, you never know who makes a copy before they’re let go. Bottom line is keys are easily misplaced, stolen, copied, and sometimes even stolen, copied, and returned before you could even realize.

Pass-code locks have solved the problem of the key. No need to produce and carry keys when you can remember a numerical pass-code to unlock your door. You can even set several codes for the different people using the lock. There is an inherently huge problem with this, the human memory. People easily forget their pass-codes and may resort to writing them down or making them way too simple. So the key in this case can easily be lost and stolen as well.

Biometric locks solve all these problems and are the answer for your residential or commercial locksmith needs. Biometric locks are far superior to key-in and pass-code locks. The number one advantage is you cannot lose your key and it cannot be duplicated. Short of James Bond stealing your prints, no one will get passed a biometric lock unless you program their fingerprint to have access. All United Locksmith is licensed and specializes in biometric and high security locks. If you’re in the Connecticut area give us a call today for a free quote at (203) 901-0011.

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