Keyless Entry Options for Businesses in 2023

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It’s 2023. Is your business still relying on twentieth-century technology for locks and entry? Do you still experience lockouts due to left keys or lost keys? If you do, how much productivity do you lose each time someone is locked out?

To maximize convenience while still keeping the premises secure, many businesses today are turning to keyless entry technology. These systems are beneficial not only to prevent lockouts but also to keep a record of who entered the building, which helps maintain security. Keyless entry is available in several different technologies.

Keypads. Keypads, whether electrical or mechanical, allow quick access into a building by simply entering a code into a keypad. It’s a good solution for a large organization that needs to quickly onboard employees. It’s also beneficial for access at night when lighting may make physical keys difficult to use. One drawback of keypads, however, is that former employees will retain the ability to get into the building unless you change the entry codes frequently.

Intercom systems. Intercom systems are entry solutions that involve people inside a building using voice and video technology to verify the identity of anyone outside and grant access by unlocking a door to those authorized to enter the building. It’s a solution that’s favored by schools, where it may not be practical to hand out key codes to people who visit the building infrequently, such as parents.

Biometric. This is a system that relies on some “biological marker,” such as a fingerprint, of your employees. Sometimes called “smart locks,” they are devices that allow your employees to unlock doors with the combination of a fingerprint and PIN. The benefit is that while keys can be lost or stolen, employees always have their fingers with them (and presumably can remember their PIN numbers). Biometric locks are great options for small business owners since they can typically be programmed with up to 100 fingerprints.

Key Fobs. Key fobs are electronic devices that can be scanned in front of a reader, which is located near the door. The reader takes the data from the fob and transmits it to a central server, which will then grant access to the building. Fobs are a great option because doors can be programmed to allow access to certain fobs (but not others), allowing you to restrict some doors to certain employees, and take back key fobs from employees leaving the company.

The type of keyless entry system that’s right for you will depend on your business’s unique needs. Commercial and industrial keyless locking systems require an expert that has mastered keyless entry technology. Your business’s profits, assets, and capital all depend on the hardware and software that secures the doors and windows. Ensure the locksmith you choose as a partner has the knowledge and experience necessary. All United Locksmith has been keeping businesses safe and secure for more than 10 years.

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