This Connecticut locksmith is willing to reveal some locksmith trade secrets as well insider tidbits on things you should know when you have to call a locksmith.

It is a rare occurrence to be locked out of your home or in need of an emergency lock change. However, when you do need the services of a locksmith, there is no substitute that will do.

10 Locksmith Tips & Tricks You Need To Know!

  1. Try WD-40 First – If your key jams, before you call a locksmith, try WD-40 or silicone spray. The experts say that for some unknown reason at times the pins inside of the lock jams and is easily fixed with the spray.
  2. Watch Out For the Old Bait and Switch – Many times a locksmith will give you a super low price over the phone only to come to your place of distress and sell you on something other product or service entirely.
  3. Use a Little Hip Action – Sounds crazy but really try just opening the door. Most locksmiths will still charge you if they come out and the door is already operable.
  4. Find a Jack of Car Locks – There are locksmiths who specialize in car locks. Oftentimes they can duplicate those keys that your auto dealer assured you could not be duplicated.
  5. Don’t Call Two…Just In Case – Locksmiths do not like to be double tapped. They know you’re desperate to get in but refrain from calling more than one locksmith for the same job.
  6. Two’s Company…Three’s A Crowd – Don’t make your locksmith the third wheel in your divorce action. Some couples want to beat their divorcing spouse to the punch and change the locks first. Be lawful in this pursuit.
  7. Number Two is the Standard for Pencils and Locks – Don’t set your lock up to be picked. When you are purchasing a lock don’t settle for less than a grade 2.
  8. “Can’t Be Duplicated” May Not Be 100% True – Ask a locksmith you can trust about keys that really can’t be duplicated.
  9. Always Re-Key The Locks of Your New Home – There’s a good chance a master key will be able to open old locks.
  10. Pass By Fleamarket Finds – That beautiful locked box you got for pennies will probably cost hundreds to open (something to consider!)

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