Why You Should Use a Locksmith for Your Business Security

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If you operate a business, the building probably houses computers and equipment, inventory, cash, and other valuables that are worth large sums of money. Even if you have insurance, a break-in and burglary could disrupt your business operations for several days and could also create a negative impression in the minds of your customers and employees. A commercial locksmith can help you keep your business secure and can be there to assist you if you experience an emergency.

How a Commercial Locksmith Can Help You Protect Your Business

Standard door locks may not be enough to keep your business safe, especially if you have valuable equipment, cash, and other items inside that can appeal to thieves. High-security locks will do a better job of deterring burglars.

If an employee quits, gets fired, or loses a key, that can put your business at risk. You have no way of knowing if the worker copied a key or if someone who finds a lost key will use it to enter your business without permission and steal valuables. In those types of situations, changing or rekeying the locks is essential. Rekeying a lock is a relatively simple process that renders existing keys ineffective, but doesn’t require replacing the lock. That can save your company money.

If a lock is broken, it should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. A commercial locksmith can take care of that and can also make duplicate keys.

If your business uses a safe to store valuables, you need to limit access to a small number of trusted people. If you want to be sure that a former employee or another individual won’t be able to open the safe, a commercial locksmith can change the combination.

Door closers can shut doors automatically to keep individuals from entering areas where they shouldn’t go. Door closers can also help in the event of a fire by keeping flames and smoke contained.

Exit devices can let people quickly and safely leave your building and keep people from entering without permission. Connecticut building codes require some types of institutions, such as schools and healthcare facilities, to have exit devices.

Get Help from a Local Commercial Locksmith

All United Locksmith serves businesses across Connecticut. We can help you with routine tasks, such as changing or rekeying locks, making duplicate keys, and changing the combination on a safe, as well as installation of door closers and exit devices. A locksmith can also come to help if an employee gets locked out of the building. Contact us today to learn more about the commercial locksmith services we offer and to schedule an appointment to have a member of our team come to your business to address your needs.

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