3 Common Types of Locks for Business Doors

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No matter what type of business you operate, security should be one of your chief concerns. You have to keep your employees, inventory, equipment, cash, records, and other valuables safe from theft and vandalism. Crimes can be committed by people outside your company or by individuals who work for you. Having the right types of locks in place can significantly reduce your risk.

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What is a Commercial Grade Lock?

What’s the difference between a residential-grade lock and a commercial-grade lock? Door locks are designed and constructed in grades depending on the level of security and reliability needed. Grades are determined by their strength, durability, and cost. 

Commercial grade locks are certified with ANSI/BHMA in Grade 1 or Grade 2.

For instance, a commercial grade 1 (ANSI Grade 1) lock is designed for commercial use because it can withstand about 800,000 cycles of openings and closings, up to six door hits (with a hammer), and a 360 lb load. These are engineered for high-traffic areas like office buildings, schools, or hospitals. Grade 1 locks are difficult for thieves to break into. 

Commercial grade 2 (ANSI Grade 2) locks are lighter weight but still engineered for commercial use. They are used in areas of standard traffic flow and can withstand about 400,000 cycles of openings and closings, four door hits, and a 250 lb. load. These are less expensive than the Grade 1 lock and work best in buildings with less than 100 people per day going in and out. Grade 2 locks are suitable for interior office doors, hotel room doors, classroom doors, and storage rooms. These locks will stop an intruder but are less effective against the brute force the Grade 1 lock can resist. 

Is a Commercial Grade Lock Worth It?

Commercial locks are well worth the money if your building protects many business-related valuables. But if you only house a few valuables inside your building, you might not need the expense of a commercial lock. A good deadlock or another high-security lock may do just fine in this situation. Additional security features could also include cameras and motion sensors. 

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Commercial Grade Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks are relatively easy to install and can be used with virtually any kind of door. Commercial grade deadbolt locks can safeguard your inventory, electronic equipment, personnel records, and other items of value. They frequently serve as one layer of security and are used in conjunction with other types of locks and additional security features.

Mortise Locks

These are the most robust locks on the market, designed to withstand constant use. Mortise locks are more expensive than cylindrical locks, like deadbolts, because they’re more durable and can withstand abuse for much longer. In addition to the added expense of the lock, you will also need a professional locksmith to install one of these. They require a precise pocket cutting that needs a professional touch. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks are technologically advanced and, likely, the most secure on the market today. They are keyless and consist of electrical and digital components. They can be triggered electronically at a keypad or from a smartphone app. This offers remote access for locking or unlocking, as well as automatic locking and real-time updates. The main drawback of smart locks is their reliance on your phone. You could lose access to your smart lock if your phone is lost, stolen, or dies.   

Biometric Locks

The major drawback associated with keys is that they can be lost, stolen, or copied. That can allow people who shouldn’t have access to get into your business and commit theft or vandalism. A dishonest employee can even copy a key so that another individual can rob the company.

Biometric locks can prevent those types of scenarios. They require an individual to place a finger on a sensor and then compare the individual’s fingerprint to ones on record. If there is a match, the individual is also prompted to enter a PIN to gain access. Since there is no key involved, there is no danger associated with a lost, stolen, or copied key.

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Buzzer System

For some types of businesses, such as law and medical offices and daycare centers, it’s important for employees to know who is entering the building. A buzzer system is a good option for those sorts of workplaces.

With a buzzer system, an individual who wants to enter has to press a button and communicate with an employee inside. The visitor can be asked to provide his or her name and to explain the purpose of the visit. A video camera can allow an employee inside the building to see the person who wants to enter before granting access.

Upgrade Your Locks to Keep Your Workplace Secure

Businesses can face a wide range of threats, which is why the field of business security keeps expanding and changing. Numerous types of locks are available, but they aren’t all ideal for every type of workplace. The nature of your company will determine which type(s) of locks will work best. For instance, a buzzer system may be appropriate if you need to restrict access to people with appointments and other authorized visitors, but it won’t work if you operate a restaurant that needs to welcome customers at any time.

All United Locksmith can work with you to understand the nature of your Connecticut business and your security challenges. We may recommend using different types of locks in different locations. Contact us today to learn more about the commercial locksmith services we offer.

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