Home Security Tips for the Holidays

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While the holiday season typically embodies everything about love and generosity it’s also a time when criminals are preying most on victims. Thieves and scammers do some of their most intricate work when people have their guards down. Whether you plan on traveling this upcoming holiday or will be spending time at home with loved ones, here are some things you can do to keep your belongings and your family safe.

Set-up Surveillance

Home video surveillance has become a much more affordable option for many. With recording devices that can be connected to your mobile device and home network, you can easily monitor things like who’s at your front door, when packages are left, or even if anyone who shouldn’t be there is trying to enter. While more sophisticated systems are directly connected to the police station and have their benefits, having something is always better than nothing and will give you a lot more peace of mind this season.

Keep Valuables Out Of Site

One of the oldest ways criminals would steal from families during the holidays is by taking the gifts they leave unattended. Scoping out what’s on display around the tree right from your window as they pass by or seeing the piles of delivery boxes piling up on your front porch can be a welcome sign for thieves so it’s important to always bring packages inside or have someone set up to retrieve them if you’ll be away. Also do not display valuable items where they can be seen from your windows.

Upgrade Your Locks

Of course, if you want to keep people out of your home then you need to keep your doors secured. Update the locks and get ultimate protection. There are so many options available to keep your home and business secure – from smart locks to deadbolts that can provide you with protection.

Celebrate this holiday season in good cheer and without wondering if your home is safe. Call All United Locksmiths and get protected today!

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