Getting locked out of your bathroom, or discovering that your young child is locked inside, can make you feel a sense of panic. Fortunately, most bathrooms are equipped with privacy locks, not security locks, and there are several relatively simple ways to open a locked bathroom door.

DIY Strategies to Get into the Bathroom

Try inserting a butter knife into the keyhole, the same way you would a key, and gently twist the knife. The pins may come undone, and you may be able to open the door. 

If that doesn’t work and the bathroom has a push-button lock, try unlocking it with a bobby pin. Straighten the bobby pin as much as possible, insert it into the keyhole, then wiggle the bobby pin and turn the doorknob at the same time. 

If the bathroom door has a twist-privacy lock, try opening it with a screwdriver. Insert a thin screwdriver into the hole in the doorknob, then wiggle the screwdriver until the door unlocks. It shouldn’t be necessary to turn the doorknob while unlocking the door.

You can also try using a card to pick the lock. Since there is a good chance that the card will get damaged, don’t use your credit or debit card or driver’s license. Instead, use a store loyalty card, an old gift card, or something else that you won’t need right away and won’t have to pay a lot of money to replace.

Insert the card between the door and the frame, right above the lock. Tilt the card toward the doorknob, then bend it so it slips between the lock and the frame. Lean against the door and wiggle the card until the door unlocks.

If these methods fail, you can remove the door handle, provided the screws are visible on the outside. Loosen the screws with an electric drill or screwdriver, then insert a screwdriver into the lock on the door handle and turn it to unlock the door.

Contact a Locksmith

DIY lock-picking techniques may or may not work, and they sometimes cause damage to a lock and a door. If none of these techniques is successful, or if you don’t want to risk damaging your bathroom door or lock, call All United Locksmith. We will send a member of our team to your Connecticut home to unlock the bathroom door without causing damage to the door or the lock. Contact us whenever you need emergency locksmith services.