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Securing a garage door is an element of target hardening a home. Target hardening is a law enforcement term used to describe increasing the security of a building or home.

A burglar and other criminals scan a home for possible access points. Front doors, back doors, windows — a burglar will attempt to enter the home through these access points. They may also attempt to breach the garage door.

Tips and Tricks

We recommend a comprehensive approach to target hardening a home. This means making sure all possible entry points are secured. After all, burglars will make sure of it! Properly securing a garage door includes:

  • Hiding the remote garage door opener
  • Rekeying the garage lock
  • Keeping the garage door closed
  • Adding lighting around the garage

Hiding the Remote

Many people keep their remote garage door opener visible. Often times, it’s conveniently attached to the sun visor inside the vehicle. Criminals know this because they can see it. We recommend hiding the remote in a locked glove compartment.

People often forget to lock their vehicle. A criminal may check to see if a door is open. If so, they could go straight for the remote garage door opener and get in. Hiding the remote garage door opener is one of the easiest ways to target harden your home.

Re-keying the Lock

New homeowners should quickly change locks to all home entry points. This includes the lock on the remote garage door opener. In addition, some garage doors have a physical lock. This should also be re-keyed or replaced.

Keep it Closed

Occasionally, people will leave their garage door open longer than usual. They may have forgotten to shut it. Or a local homeowner’s association might have a silly rule about leaving the door open during the day. It’s vital the garage door remain closed to prevent any loss of property or worse, home invasion.

Light Can Deter Crime

According to the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit, crime has dropped with the installation of street lights. It seems like common sense. Criminals don’t want to get caught. Therefore, they tend to operate under the cover of darkness. Adding lights around a garage door may deter would-be burglars from attempting to gain entry into the home.

Contact Us

All United Locksmith is proud to serve the residents of Stamford, CT, and surrounding areas. We are in the business of target hardening your home. Some of our services include re-keying and replacing garage door locks. Gain the peace of mind knowing your home can be better secured from potential criminal threats. Contact us today to learn more.

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