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Every homeowner needs to be wary of the increased number of home break-ins. Safety and security of your home start at your front door. Strong and burglar-proof front doors are vital to the safety of your home. However, there are some things that you can do to secure your home and family.

Since most of the burglars tend to enter the victim’s house through the front door, the first thing you need to do is to secure this weak point. Keep in mind that it can be expensive to have a security service monitoring your home 24/7. Below are some simple tips to burglar proof your front door.

Start with the Door Material

The door material refers to the primary component of your front door. Most of the modern day doors are made of a wide variety of material, but not all of them make good burglar proof doors. Typically, a burglar-proof door should be strong enough to provide extra resistance to the common brute force attacks. Consider front doors that are made of steel, fiberglass, and pure solid core wood. Use either fiberglass or steel door for as your front door for maximum protection.

Make Sure Your Door hinges Aren’t Exposed

Your door is vulnerable to break-ins if your door hinges face outward. A burglar can literally take down a door with exposed hinges faster than you can imagine. There are two ways or eliminating this vulnerability. Either reinstall your door and make sure that the door hinges are facing inward or reinforce the exposed hinges with permanent pins that can’t be removed. Always make sure that your door hinges are secured by at least 3-inch nails.

Install Deadbolt Locks

All exterior should have a deadbolt in addition to the usual lock that is built into the doorknob except sliding doors. Be sure to select a deadbolt of higher quality that comes with a throw bolt. The deadbolt should be either grade 1 or 2 and should have a solid metal without any exposed screws on its exterior. Most homes usually have low-quality deadbolts that are easy to break.

Re-Evaluate Your Door Frame

The door frame is that part onto which the door is fitted. Apart from keeping your door in place, the door frame also provides an  extra layer of security. The material of your door frame and construction style is just as crucial as the door material. The door can easily be kicked in with little or no resistance at all if the door frame is not properly constructed. Make sure that your door frame has a door head, a doorstop, and a door jamb. All these aspects of the door must be in place to ensure security against burglars.

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