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iPhone and Droid Locksmith Mobile Phone Apps:

When it comes to locksmiths, the world of technology has significantly helped both customers and professionals alike. With the rise of applications, there’s now a tool to help your every need and the same principle rings true for locksmiths.

That’s why today, we’re exploring the 11 best locksmith apps for 2023 so you can get the most out of your everyday locksmith life with a handy friend to help you!

So, let’s dive in.

  1. Master Lock Vault eLock App
Master Lock logo

With location mapping, advanced security and detailed access history, this app is sure to become a regularly used tool in your everyday life. Plus, it doesn’t require any keys or combos because your phone is your key which makes life a whole lot easier.

This app isn’t just limited to doors. You can use it on a traditional-style padlock or a padlock with a manual entry keypad. You can even use it on a lockbox. So, this can be the one app you need to rule all the locks in your life. If you go all in on this system, keyless entry could be all you have to rely on from now on.  

What’s more, you can manage and monitor your locks from wherever you are, at any time which allows you to help more clients in less time! Now, that’s a winner.

  1. Noke (‘No Key’)
Noke logo

The Noke App is an absolute all-rounder and is a must for any locksmith looking to stay up to date, connected and in control.

As Noke explains, “With all your locks and door controllers connected, sharing data in real-time, sending you updates and keeping valuable assets safe, imagine what’s possible.” It’s no surprise why this app is a popular favorite amongst locksmiths!

Noke is notable for improving keyless entry options by integrating a unique fob system along with its app-based approach. With this, you can program a key fob to work with any of the locks in the system. This allows the system to be accessed by people who don’t have the app or are confused by apps. 

The best part about this part of the system is how comprehensive it is. You can have multiple fobs attached to multiple users. You can even track the fobs to see what locks they are accessing. If you need to change the locks, the fobs can be reprogrammed to work with the new access codes. All of this makes Noke a great choice for anyone who likes this type of approach.

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  1. Locksmith Service Order
Alt text: GoCanvas logo

This is a wonderful application which allows the service of a locksmith to remain straight-forward and effective. With easy-to-use checkboxes allocated for the auto locksmith, this app is both simple and helpful.

The app’s potential integrations make it even more effective from a business standpoint. It can integrate with Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Docs, and Dropbox to make accessing and recording the information from it even easier. 

Locksmith Service Order allows for tasks to be performed in the best way possible. And, what’s more, this app is completely free of charge making it accessible for all!

  1. Locksmith Password Generator
Locksmith Password Generator Logo

A great integrative approach which allows you to store all your passwords in one place. If you’re looking for a tool to consolidate your important information, Locksmith Password Generator allows exactly that.

This app allows you to access all of your passwords from within the app itself. However, it also allows you to access them from a separate website. This means that you can still get your passwords if you forget your phone or don’t have access to it for some reason.

Employing the Stanford PwdHash, you can rest assured that you can remain on top of what matters most with a safe and secure app you can trust!

  1. Locksmith Expense Report
GoCanvas logo

Expenses can be a hassle to track. You can carry around a notebook to write down everything, but that notebook could be left at home when you need it or lost entirely. You could write notes in your phone’s notes app instead, but doing so gets messy and makes it hard to retrieve the information you need later on. Instead of using these methods, the best choice is to go with an app that is actually designed to track expenses and generate expense reports. 

If you’re looking for an easy and straightforward way to stay on top of your expenses, this is for you!

With a modern and integrative approach, you’re sure to save time and effort by having all that you need in one space. Who said finances couldn’t be easy?

  1. Locksmith Register Forms
GoCanvas logo

With signature capture, submission editing, reference data, calculations and dispatch features, this app offers an integrative solution to a whole lot.

It’s ideal if you’re looking to record sales and other important information such as credits, returns and special orders. A must for any locksmith looking to manage the operational side of their business in an effective way!

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  1. Locksmith Work Order
GoCanvas logo

Save time and money with this clever and innovative app. Rather than filling out paperwork forms, Locksmith Work Order saves the results electronically so you can spend time on what matters most.

The app can store information such as customer details, invoice totals, labor materials and project details meaning your life just got a whole lot easier!

  1. Codelocks K3 Connect App
Codelocks K3 Connect

If you’re looking to save time and effort, then this is sure to help! Codelocks K3 Connect lets, “you use your smartphone to replace keys, you don’t have to carry bulky and heavy mechanical keys anymore.”

Plus, with a powerful key management system, you can now oversee and manage your family and friends access rights!

If necessary, this management system will let you keep close tabs on any locks in the system. You can set it so that you get notifications when locks are accessed. You can also look at each of the locks and see who has accessed them. This level of control makes it perfect for anyone who wants to keep a close watch over their locks.  

  1. Hid Mobile Access App
HID logo

Designed with a unique user experience, you can now enroll all your user devices in one, easy-to-access space.

Plus, with secure authentication and an integrative set-up approach, this app helps you manage and meet the fast growing demand for mobile access that is being placed on locksmiths! Thanks to this app, you’ll never be left behind.

  1. Assa Abloy Bilt App

Installations just got a whole lot easier. Rather than spending hours trying to understand and install new products, this app offers installation instructions for products to guide you!

A great tool which takes into consideration the ever-changing and ever-evolving world of locksmiths.

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  1. SFIC: Small Format Interchangeable Core
A2Calc logo

While some locksmith apps feel like they were designed by a corporation with no clue what locksmiths actually need, this app was created by a locksmith. In creating this app, they built something that was designed to actually help locksmiths or anyone who wants to become a locksmith

The app itself is designed to calculate the pinning chart for A2 SFIC automatically. However, it has plenty of other features on top of this that, together, make this a seriously impressive piece of technology. 

Say goodbye to wasting time on calculations and hello to this app that will do it for you. It’s sure to cut your billing generations in half and save you time and money whilst you’re at it. It’s times like these when technology is indeed a welcome gift for locksmiths.

Which Locksmith Apps Can Help You?

If you’re looking to learn more about the best locksmith apps of 2023 to help your role as a locksmith, be sure to get in touch! Our experienced, friendly, and helpful team will be sure to help. We look forward to hearing from you!
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